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We maintain an archive of past and current publications which can be searched by clicking on the links to the left or by using the drop down menus at the top of this page to search by author name, journal name or year of publication.

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Our most recent publications are listed below.

Domenico Giacco Publications


Publication Summary



Giacco D, Laxhman N, Priebe S Prevalence of and risk factors for mental disorders in refugees.. vol., () .
Semin Cell Dev Biol2017
Giacco D, Dirik A, Kaselionyte J, Priebe S How to make carer involvement in mental health inpatient units happen: a focus group study with patients, carers and clinicians.. vol.17, (1) 101.
BMC Psychiatry2017
Giacco D, Priebe S Scenarios for the future of mental health care: whose interests, whose perspectives, whose future?-Authors' reply.. vol.4, (3) 190.
Lancet Psychiatry2017
Casanova Dias M, Giacco D, Hanon C Early career psychiatrists' preferences on e-learning: Viewpoint from the EPA Committee on Education.. vol.42, () 86 - 88.
European Psychiatry2016
PRIEBE SKF, Giacco D, El-Nagib R Public Health Aspects of Mental Health Among Migrants and Refugees: A Review of the Evidence on Mental Health Care for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants in the WHO European Region. vol., () .WHO Health Evidence Network Synthesis Report 472016
Giacco D, Amering M, Bird V, Craig T, Ducci G, Gallinat J, Gillard SG, Greacen T, Hadridge P, Johnson S, Jovanovic N, Laugharne R, Morgan C, Muijen M, Schomerus G, Zinkler M, Wessely S, Priebe S Scenarios for the future of mental health care: a social perspective.. vol.4, (3) 257 - 260.
Lancet Psychiatry2016
Thomsen CT, Benros ME, Hastrup LH, Andersen PK, Giacco D, Nordentoft M Patient-controlled hospital admission for patients with severe mental disorders: study protocol for a nationwide prospective multicentre study.. vol.6, (9) e013088.
BMJ Open2016
PRIEBE SKF, Giacco D Suicidality and hostility following involuntary hospital treatment. vol.11, () e154458 - e154458.
PLoS One2016
Giacco D, Bird VJ, McCrone P, Lorant V, Nicaise P, Pfennig A, Bauer M, Ruggeri M, Lasalvia A, Moskalewicz J, Welbel M, Priebe S Specialised teams or personal continuity across inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare? Study protocol for a natural experiment.. vol.5, (11) e008996.
BMJ Open2015
Del Vecchio V, Luciano M, Sampogna G, De Rosa C, Giacco D, Tarricone I, Catapano F, Fiorillo A The role of relatives in pathways to care of patients with a first episode of psychosis.. vol.61, (7) 631 - 637.
Int J Soc Psychiatry2015
Palumbo C, Volpe U, Matanov A, Priebe S, Giacco D Social networks of patients with psychosis: a systematic review.. vol.8, () 560.
BMC Res Notes2015
Koelkebeck K, Andlauer O, Jovanovic N, Giacco D Interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder in psychiatric practice across Europe: a trainees’ perspective. vol.6, (0) .
European Journal of Psychotraumatology2015
Nawka A, Kuzman MR, Giacco D, Pantovic M, Volpe U Numbers of early career psychiatrists vary markedly among European countries.. vol.27, (2) 185 - 189.Psychiatr Danub2015
Omer S, Priebe S, Giacco D Continuity across inpatient and outpatient mental health care or specialisation of teams? A systematic review.. vol.30, (2) 258 - 270.
Eur Psychiatry2015
Highton-Williamson E, Priebe S, Giacco D Online social networking in people with psychosis: A systematic review.. vol.61, (1) 92 - 101.
Int J Soc Psychiatry2015
Riese F, Guloksuz S, Roventa C, Fair JD, Haravuori H, Rolko T, Flynn D, Giacco D, Banjac V, Jovanovic N, Bayat N, Palumbo C, Rusaka M, Kilic O, Aug¿nait¿ J, Nawka A, Zenger M, Kekin I, Wuyts P, Barrett E Pharmaceutical industry interactions of psychiatric trainees from 20 European countries.. vol.30, (2) 284 - 290.
Eur Psychiatry2015
Giacco D, Luciano M, Del Vecchio V, Sampogna G, Slade M, Clarke E, Nagy M, Egerhazi A, Munk-Jørgensen P, Bording MFK, Kawohl W, Rössler W, Zentner N, Puschner B, Fiorillo A, CEDAR study group Desire for information of people with severe mental illness.. vol.49, (12) 1883 - 1891.
Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol2014
Valenti E, Giacco D, Katasakou C, Priebe S Which values are important for patients during involuntary treatment? A qualitative study with psychiatric inpatients.. vol.40, (12) 832 - 836.
J Med Ethics2014
Eassom E, Giacco D, Dirik A, Priebe S Implementing family involvement in the treatment of patients with psychosis: a systematic review of facilitating and hindering factors.. vol.4, (10) e006108.
BMJ Open2014
Kalisova L, Raboch J, Nawka A, Sampogna G, Cihal L, Kallert TW, Onchev G, Karastergiou A, Del Vecchio V, Kiejna A, Adamowski T, Torres-Gonzales F, Cervilla JA, Priebe S, Giacco D, Kjellin L, Dembinskas A, Fiorillo A Do patient and ward-related characteristics influence the use of coercive measures? Results from the EUNOMIA international study.. vol.49, (10) 1619 - 1629.
Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol2014
Slade M, Jordan H, Clarke E, Williams P, Kaliniecka H, Arnold K, Fiorillo A, Giacco D, Luciano M, Égerházi A, Nagy M, Bording MK, Sørensen HØ, Rössler W, Kawohl W, Puschner B, CEDAR Study Group The development and evaluation of a five-language multi-perspective standardised measure: clinical decision-making involvement and satisfaction (CDIS).. vol.14, () 323.
BMC Health Serv Res2014
Giacco D, Matanov A, Priebe S Providing mental healthcare to immigrants: current challenges and new strategies.. vol.27, (4) 282 - 288.
Curr Opin Psychiatry2014
Priebe S, Omer S, Giacco D, Slade M Resource-oriented therapeutic models in psychiatry: conceptual review.. vol.204, () 256 - 261.
Br J Psychiatry2014
Giacco D, Bartoli F, Di Puorto C, Palumbo C, Piras S, Rubinacci A, Aguglia A [Can psychiatric trainees have a role in the improvement of training? The first 20 years of European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees].. vol.49, (1) 50 - 55.
Riv Psichiatr2014
Nawka A, Kalisova L, Raboch J, Giacco D, Cihal L, Onchev G, Karastergiou A, Solomon Z, Fiorillo A, Del Vecchio V, Dembinskas A, Kiejna A, Nawka P, Torres-Gonzales F, Priebe S, Kjellin L, Kallert TW Gender differences in coerced patients with schizophrenia.. vol.13, () 257.
BMC Psychiatry2013
Matanov A, Giacco D, Bogic M, Ajdukovic D, Franciskovic T, Galeazzi GM, Kucukalic A, Lecic-Tosevski D, Morina N, Popovski M, Schützwohl M, Priebe S Subjective quality of life in war-affected populations.. vol.13, () 624.
BMC Public Health2013
Puschner B, Neumann P, Jordan H, Slade M, Fiorillo A, Giacco D, Egerházi A, Ivánka T, Bording MK, Sørensen HØ, Bär A, Kawohl W, Loos S, CEDAR study group Development and psychometric properties of a five-language multiperspective instrument to assess clinical decision making style in the treatment of people with severe mental illness (CDMS).. vol.13, () 48.
BMC Psychiatry2013
Giacco D, Matanov A, Priebe S Symptoms and subjective quality of life in post-traumatic stress disorder: a longitudinal study.. vol.8, (4) e60991.
PLoS One2013
Giacco D, Fiorillo A, Del Vecchio V, Kallert T, Onchev G, Raboch J, Mastrogianni A, Nawka A, Hadrys T, Kjellin L, Luciano M, De Rosa C, Maj M, Priebe S Caregivers' appraisals of patients' involuntary hospital treatment: European multicentre study.. vol.201, (6) 486 - 491.
Br J Psychiatry2012
Nawka A, Rojnic Kuzman M, Giacco D Trainees' views on the future of psychiatry: a plethora of challenges ahead of us.. vol.11, (3) 203.World Psychiatry2012
Rojnic Kuzman M, Giacco D, Simmons M, Wuyts P, Bausch-Becker N, Favre G, Nawka A Are there differences between training curricula on paper and in practice? Views of European trainees.. vol.11, (2) 135.
World Psychiatry2012
Fiorillo A, Giacco D, De Rosa C, Kallert T, Katsakou C, Onchev G, Raboch J, Mastrogianni A, Del Vecchio V, Luciano M, Catapano F, Dembinskas A, Nawka P, Kiejna A, Torres-Gonzales F, Kjellin L, Maj M, Priebe S Patient characteristics and symptoms associated with perceived coercion during hospital treatment.. vol.125, (6) 460 - 467.
Acta Psychiatr Scand2012
Luciano M, Sampogna G, del Vecchio V, Giacco D, Mulè A, de Rosa C, Fiorillo A, Maj M The family in Italy: cultural changes and implications for treatment.. vol.24, (2) 149 - 156.
Int Rev Psychiatry2012
Luciano M, Del Vecchio V, Giacco D, De Rosa C, Malangone C, Fiorillo A A 'family affair'? The impact of family psychoeducational interventions on depression.. vol.12, (1) 83 - 91.
Expert Rev Neurother2012
Giacco D, McCabe R, Kallert T, Hansson L, Fiorillo A, Priebe S Friends and symptom dimensions in patients with psychosis: a pooled analysis.. vol.7, (11) e50119.
PLoS One2012
Kuzman MR, Giacco D, Simmons M, Wuyts P, Bausch-Becker N, Favre G, Nawka A Psychiatry training in Europe: views from the trenches.. vol.34, (10) e708 - e717.
Med Teach2012
Fiorillo A, Luciano M, Giacco D, Del Vecchio V, Baldass N, De Vriendt N, Theodorides N, Piir P, Courtois A-C, Gerber S, Lahera G, Riese F, Bendix M, Guloksuz S, Banu Aslantas E, Oakley C Training and practice of psychotherapy in Europe: results of a survey.. vol.10, (3) 238.
World Psychiatry2011
Nawka A, Kuzman MR, Giacco D, Malik A Mental health reforms in Europe: challenges of postgraduate psychiatric training in Europe: a trainee perspective.. vol.61, (9) 862 - 864.
Psychiatr Serv2010
Catapano F, Perris F, Fabrazzo M, Cioffi V, Giacco D, De Santis V, Maj M Obsessive-compulsive disorder with poor insight: a three-year prospective study.. vol.34, (2) 323 - 330.
Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry2010
Kaselionyte J, Dirik A, Tulloch S, PRIEBE SKF, Giacco D Psychosis seminars: an open forum for users, carers and professionals. vol.2, (5) 330 - 334.
BJPsych open
Comprehensive Psychiatry
PRIEBE SKF Use of Coercive Measures during Involuntary Psychiatric Admission and Treatment Outcomes: Data from a Prospective Study across 10 European Countries. vol., () .
PLoS One
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