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We maintain an archive of past and current publications which can be searched by clicking on the links to the left or by using the drop down menus at the top of this page to search by author name, journal name or year of publication.

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Our most recent publications are listed below.

Anita Lim Publications


Publication Summary



LIM AWW, Landy R, Castanon A, Hollingworth A, Hamilton W, Dudding N, Sasieni P Cytology in the diagnosis of cervical cancer in symptomatic young women: a retrospective review. vol., () .
British Journal of General Practice2016
Landy R, Castanon A, Hamilton W, Lim AWW, Dudding N, Hollingworth A, Sasieni PD Evaluating cytology for the detection of invasive cervical cancer.. vol.27, (3) 201 - 209.
Lim A, Mesher D, Gentry-Maharaj A, Balogun N, Widschwendter M, Jacobs I, Sasieni P, Menon U Time to diagnosis of Type I or II invasive epithelial ovarian cancers: a multicentre observational study using patient questionnaire and primary care records.. vol.123, (6) 1012 - 1020.
Lim AWW, Hamilton W, Hollingworth A, Stapley S, Sasieni P Performance characteristics of visualising the cervix in symptomatic young females: a review of primary care records in females with and without cervical cancer.. vol.66, (644) e189 - e192.
Br J Gen Pract2016
Landy R, Castanon A, Dudding N, Lim AWW, Hollingworth A, Hamilton W, Sasieni PD Cervical cytology and the diagnosis of cervical cancer in older women.. vol.22, (4) 207 - 212.
J Med Screen2015
Lim AWW, Sasieni P Consultation rates in cervical screening non-attenders: opportunities to increase screening uptake in GP primary care.. vol.22, (2) 93 - 99.
J Med Screen2015
Nathan M, Reuter C, Lim A, THAHA MA, Sasieni P, Sheaf M, Lorinz A Prediction of high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia using DNA methylation measurements – preliminary data. vol.1, (12) 76 - 92.
Lim AW, Mesher D, Sasieni P Estimating the workload associated with symptoms-based ovarian cancer screening in primary care: an audit of electronic medical records.. vol.15, () 200.
BMC Fam Pract2014
Castanon A, Landy R, Lim AW, Sasieni P Response to comment on 'Characteristics and screening history of women diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 20-29'.. vol.111, (12) 2374.
Br J Cancer2014
Lim AW, Ramirez AJ, Hamilton W, Sasieni P, Patnick J, Forbes LJ Delays in diagnosis of young females with symptomatic cervical cancer in England: an interview-based study.. vol.64, (627) e602 - e610.
Br J Gen Pract2014
Lorincz A, Castanon A, Wey Lim AW, Sasieni P New strategies for human papillomavirus-based cervical screening.. vol.9, (5) 443 - 452.
Womens Health (Lond)2013
Castanon A, Leung VMW, Landy R, Lim AWW, Sasieni P Characteristics and screening history of women diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 20-29 years.. vol.109, (1) 35 - 41.
Br J Cancer2013
Lim AW, Forbes LJ, Rosenthal AN, Raju KS, Ramirez AJ Measuring the nature and duration of symptoms of cervical cancer in young women: developing an interview-based approach. vol.13, (45) .
BMC Womens Health2013
Lim AWW, Mesher D, Gentry-Maharaj A, Balogun N, Jacobs I, Menon U, Sasieni P Predictive value of symptoms for ovarian cancer: comparison of symptoms reported by questionnaire, interview, and general practitioner notes.. vol.104, (2) 114 - 124.
J Natl Cancer Inst2012
Balogun N, Gentry-Maharaj A, Wozniak EL, Lim A, Ryan A, Ramus SJ, Ford J, Burnell M, Widschwendter M, Gessler SF, Gayther SA, Jacobs IJ, Menon U Recruitment of newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients proved challenging in a multicentre biobanking study. vol.64, (5) 525 - 530.
Roy A, Cargill A, Love S, Moorman AV, Stoneham S, Lim A, Darbyshire PJ, Lancaster D, Hann I, Eden T, Saha V Outcome after first relapse in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - lessons from the United Kingdom R2 trial.. vol.130, (1) 67 - 75.
Br J Haematol2005
LIM AWW Offering self-sampling to cervical screening non-attenders in primary care. vol., () .
Journal of Medical Screening
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