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Policy Research Unit on cancer awareness, screening and early diagnosis

Centre of Cancer Prevention

Project Investigator: Stephen Duffy


The Unit is a collaboration of 14 leading scientists from seven institutions, with Professor Stephen Duffy of Queen Mary, University of London as director.

Major areas of activity of the Unit include:

  • Studies of variation in awareness across England and associations with cancer survival
  • Further analysis of the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership data
  • Quantification of the predictive value of symptoms for cancer
  • Investigation of the relationship between diagnostic intervals and stage of cancer
  • Studies of GP referral habits for suspected cancer
  • Identification of the risk factors for late stage or emergency presentation of cancer
  • Evaluation of the benefits and harms of the national screening programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancer
  • Identifying barriers to participation in cancer screening and researching policies to improve access and therefore participation
  • Qualitative research on the role of general practice in early diagnosis of cancer
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