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Professional Doctorate in Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (DPsych)


This exciting and innovative programme is aimed at clinicians and senior professionals working within health and social care settings. The programme has been developed as a partnership between Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the Refugee Therapy Centre (RTC). Completion of the course will lead to a QMUL degree, and registration with the RTC as a fully qualified Intercultural therapist.  RTC is an organisation member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA).

Information about the partnership
The partnership between QMUL and RCT was inaugurated in 2012 in order to apply the unique resources of each institution to the task of educating future psychotherapists to work interculturally and specifically with displaced persons. The objective of this collaboration is to provide training in an intercultural approach in the area of psychoanalytical psychotherapy with emphasis on refugees and ethnic minorities’ mental health. Through this collaborative partnership, QMUL and RCT together can ensure sustainable quality of training in the field. The focus of this partnership is to promote and improve capacity building for psychoanalytic psychotherapy, taking into consideration intercultural aspects of human relations. The partnership reflects the values and expertise of QMUL and RTC.

The four major areas of need identified for this programme are:

  • strengthening the training of health professionals;
  • strengthening the provision of intercultural psychoanalytic psychotherapy;
  • developing a network of professionals specialising in the field;
  • strengthening research capacity in this area.

This programme uniquely combines the theoretical and practical aspects of psychoanalytic theory with an intercultural approach towards therapeutic treatment with refugees, other minorities and people exposed to torture and other forms of human right violation.

The Professional Doctorate in Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy programme consists of substantial taught and research components (50% each), and requires supervised clinical practice of two patients (one for 18 months and one for 24). The candidate needs to be in personal analysis with a with a psychoanalytical psychotherapist approved by the RTC at least twice a week for one year prior to seeing patients.
Students learn the application of theory to innovative clinical practice; acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to practise as independent Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists after full qualifications and registration with the RTC. The programme is delivered over 3 years full time and 6 years part time, and the award is made on successful completion of both the academic and clinical components.
Programme information – Important points to note here
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