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Tailor-made training packages

To reflect the changing needs of health professionals for education and information we have introduced a flexible, on-the-road service.

These training packages are designed to be taken out to the clients and are tailored to suit your requirements. They can range from one hour lectures to full study days. Training sessions can be organised for all health professionals involved in screening for Down's syndrome: midwives, obstetricians, counsellors, GPs and laboratory staff, and group size can vary according to local need.

Study days on your doorstep

One day study days on screening for Down's syndrome have been held at the Wolfson Institute since 1994. To make the study days more accessible to health professionals around the country, we can now come to you.

To ensure that the courses have a relaxed and informal feel we recommend that group size is limited to about twenty participants.

Participants are provided with a course folder containing comprehensive notes to accompany all of the lectures and presentations, along with information leaflets and counselling aides.

The cost of a study day will depend on the number of participants and the location. For more information please contact us.

Individual lectures, seminars and workshops

In addition to one day study days we also provide individual lectures, seminars and workshops. These sessions can include any combination of the topics outlined in the study day. One popular format is a two hour general update session covering the medical and genetic characteristics of Down's syndrome, the basic principles of screening for Down's syndrome (using examples of both first and second trimester screening programmes), and information giving and counselling skills. We can also provide more specialised training sessions, for example sessions on how to monitor a screening programme, or understanding statistical aspects of screening.

The format and style of the teaching can vary according to preference and group size. It can take the form of lectures, seminars and workshops. In all formats, the teaching is interactive and people are encouraged to participate, share knowledge and ask questions. The sessions can be arranged at times to suit you, for example scheduled to take place during lunchtime meetings, at changes of shift, or after 'normal' working hours.

The cost of the training will depend on the length of time required and the location.


One-day courses on screening for Down's syndrome have been held at the Wolfson Institute since 1994, with over 1000 midwives, sonographers, obstetricians and counsellors attending during that time.


These theoretical and practical courses are designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of screening for Down's syndrome, and are suited to clinic and community midwives and counsellors involved in screening programmes. To ensure that the courses have a relaxed and informal feel we limit group size to about twenty participants. This enables the courses to be interactive with participants freely able to ask questions and participate in discussion.


The teaching staff will be from the Wolfson Institute Antenatal Screening Team.

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