Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

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Centre for Psychiatry

Led by Professor Kamaldeep Bhui

We focus on psychological and social research which informs a better understanding of the aetiology, prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Our research is organised around themes of:

Liaison Psychiatry

Psychological Medicine focuses on the interface between medical and psychological disorders with projects focusing on aetiological mechanisms and on developing interventions that improve outcome and quality of life.

Epidemiological and Cultural Psychiatry

This involves studies of environmental risk factors such as transport noise and air pollution and their effects on health, social and cultural risk factors for common mental disorders.

Social and community

The Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry is located at the Newham Centre for Mental Health in the London Borough of Newham. It closely collaborates with local clinical services, and has strong international links.

Violence Prevention

The Violence Prevention Research Unit (VPRU) studies the epidemiology of violent individuals; investigates links between psychopathology and violence; develops methods to estimate risk of future violence;

We provide undergraduate and postgraduate education in psychiatry.

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