Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

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Public Involvement

The Queen Mary Trials Advisory Group

It is essential for the Barts CTU to be able to gauge public opinion regarding both the information being provided to participants of clinical trials, and also on the principles and priorities that have inspired the proposed studies.

In November 2009 the Cancer Prevention Trials Unit, in conjunction with the Centre for Experimental Cancer Medicine, set up a patient and public advisory group.

The Queen Mary Trials Advisory Group (QMTAG) will assist the units by:

  • Providing feedback on trial design/research proposals
  • Reading and critiquing the patient documentation e.g. Patient Information leaflet, Consent Forms.
  • Evaluating consent procedures
  • Representing the wider patient community by participating in meetings and discussion groups.
  • Advising on how specific communities should be approached, and the need for trial-specific consumer groups
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