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Sue Moss, BSc, MSc, PhD (London)

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology

Centre for Cancer Prevention
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7882 5841


My research is primarily in the field of evaluation of cancer screening. In cervical screening I am currently leading the evaluation of pilot studies of primary screening by HPV testing.

I am involved in planning and evaluating the planned pilot of immunochemical FOB testing in the national bowel cancer screening programme.

I have previously evaluated a number of potential changes to the national cancer screening programmes, including the pilot studies of liquid based cytology and HPV triage in cervical screening, the English bowel cancer screening pilot, and the extension of the breast cancer screening programme to women aged 65 to 70.

I have responsibility for the central database of the European randomised trial of screening for prostate cancer (ERSPC). With centres in eight countries, it is one of only two randomised trials worldwide examining the effect of routine screening by PSA testing on mortality from prostate cancer. It has recruited over 160,000 men in the core age-group, 55-69 at entry.

I am also carrying out research into differences in screening participation between the UK and the United States, and on the relationship of mammographic density to breast cancer risk and screening effectiveness. My other current research interests include the extent and impact of PSA testing for prostate cancer in England, studying the natural history of cancer in relation to screening, and the development of interim outcome measures to evaluate early detection initiatives.

Much of my past work has focused on the evaluation of breast cancer screening, both in conducting and analysing screening trials, and in the monitoring and evaluation of service screening. I am the PI for the AGE trial of mammographic screening young women, which is the only randomised trial designed specifically to study the effect of screening starting at age 40, and which is currently in long-term follow up.

I was co-investigator on the Nottingham randomised trial of screening for bowel cancer, and of the MAVARIC trial of automation-assisted versus manual reading of cervical cytology.

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