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EUR ING Matthew Gillman BSc (Leeds) MSc (Herts) MSc (Essex) CEng MIET MIScT CSci MBCS

Computational Statistician

Centre for Cancer Prevention
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:  +44 (0)20 7882 3379


Matthew Gillman
After graduating in Physics I undertook two years of research in cosmic ray astrophysics. Later I took a "conversion" MSc in Computer Science (Herts.), after which I worked as a programmer for 4 years at Nortel Networks, then a global telecoms giant. I used C++, Perl and Java, with Clearcase for version control and profilers Purify and Quantify. The first two years were spent as part of a proof-of-concept team for value added IP services (e.g. Presence). The latter period was spent on optical networking equipment (e.g. switches), and I was part of the Performance Monitoring team (concerned with network error rates and such). UNIX/Linux was the OS used during all my time at Nortel.
I then moved to the Home Office as a Scientific Officer, in what is now known as the Centre for Applied Science and Technology, in Sandridge, St. Albans. The first period of time was spent on Windows C++ programming. The last couple of years were spent in the Road Policing Enforcement team, where I did things such as evaluating the performance of ANPR and vehicle recognition systems. I took a few statistics courses during that time, and also became interested in experimental uncertainties. During my time at the HO I interacted with law enforcement, Other Government Departments, private companies and academia.
After this I spent two years at the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Senior Computer Programmer, where I used C++ and Perl on Linux and learnt how to use R. I had access to the Sanger's compute farm, for running multiple programming jobs simultaneously.
I then spent a few years being unemployed and looking after my children. So in 2014 I went back to university (Essex) to take an MSc in Advanced Computer Science, in order to refresh and update my skills. That ended in September 2015; I started at QMUL in January 2016.
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