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Heidrun Bien

Non Clinical Tutor/Lecturer

Centre for Psychiatry
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7882 2019


Heidrun is a psychologist and Lecturer, currently working with all Distance Learning Students in the MSc programs Psychological Therapies and Transcultural Mental Healthcare at the Centre of Psychiatry at Queen Mary University.

She studied psychology (1995-2002) in Germany (University of Münster), with majors in both Clinical Psychology and Work & Organisational Psychology, and in the United States, thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship (University of Kansas, 1998-99). At both universities, she also worked as a graduate research assistant, gaining hands-on experience in a variety of methods. As part of excellent and inspiring research teams, she was able to work on attachment with Prof. Marion O’Brien (Kansas), and on speech processing with Prof. Pienie Zwitserlood (Münster). During her study she took specialised training courses as a counseling psychologist and in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Freshly graduated she received a stipend from the Max-Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics to conduct experimental research into speech production in the Netherlands (2003-06). Working with Prof. W.J.M Levelt and Prof. H.R. Baayen was a unique opportunity to learn about excellent research and complex statistical analyses, leading to her first presentations at international conferences and peer-reviewed publications. In 2007 she defended her Ph.D. thesis (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen) in Dutch.

As a postdoctoral fellow (2006-12) Heidrun returned to Germany (University of Münster, Cognitive Neuroscience Unit), orchestrating the German Science Foundation priority project ‘Neural and psychological correlates of phonological categories’. She taught BSc and MSc courses on topics ranging from Problem-Solving to Cognitive Neuroscience. In 2008 she was selected for the University’s mentoring programme ‘Erstklassig’ for excellent young scientists. As the Institute of Psychology’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner (2006-10) Heidrun was part of multiple professorial selection panels. She was a member of the ‘Committee for Science and Young Researchers’ (2009-12), and the ‘Institute’s Board of Management’ (2011-12).

Through Distance Learning Heidrun obtained a German-for-non-native-speakers teaching degree (Goethe-Institute & Ludwig-Maximilian University München, 2009-12) and an NLP practitioner certification (2013-14). Distance Learning has unique chances and challenges and is in demand. Insights into processing, communication, and culture, to name but a few, all help make this pathway of education increasingly successful.

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