Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

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A-Z Wolfson Institute Staff

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Name Staff Type Position Centre
Rachael Adcock Research Staff Statistician CCP
Amar S Ahmad Research Staff Statistician CCP
Benoit Aigret Research Staff Barts CTU Head CCP
Aiva Aksentyte Research Staff Research Assistant CfP
Dallas Allen Administrative Staff PA to Prof Sir Nicholas Wald CEPM
Nahaa Alsubaie Research Staff PhD Student CCP
Andreia Amaral De Sousa Research Staff Clinical Research Associate CCP
Emma Atakpa Research Staff PhD Student CCP
Janet Austin Research Staff Senior Data Manager/Research Nurse CCP
Fatima Ali Bangash Research Staff Honorary Research Assistant CEPM
Rawinder Banwait Technical Staff Scientific Officer CCP
Priyanka Batra Research Staff Quality Assurance Manager CCP
Jonathan Bestwick Lecturer Lecturer in Medical Statistics CEPM
Kamaldeep Bhui Professor Professor of Cultural Psychiatry & Epidemiology, Hon Consultant Psychiatrist, Centre Lead CfP
Heidrun Bien Lecturer Senior Lecturer & Distance Learning Lead CfP
Julius Bourke Lecturer Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer CfP
Rachid Boussiga Research Staff Pharmacy Research Technician CCP
Adam Brentnall Research Staff Research Fellow CCP
Louise Cadman Research Staff Research Nurse Consultant CCP
Catherine Carr Lecturer Clinical Lecturer CfP
Alejandra Castanon Research Staff Epidemiologist CCP
Alana Cavadino Research Staff PhD Student CEPM
Lisa Coward Administrative Staff Secretary to Professor Ania Korszun CfP
David Curtis Professor Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Professor CfP
Jack Cuzick Professor Director, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and Head, Centre for Cancer Prevention Ins
Andrea De Censi Professor Honorary Professor CCP
Amanda Dibden Research Staff Statistician CCP
Stephen Duffy Professor Professor of Cancer Screening CCP
Ozlem Eylem Research Staff Honorary Researcher CfP
Carolanne Ellis Administrative Staff Academic Unit Manager / Research Co-ordinator CfP
Clare Farrand Research Staff International Programme Lead, World Action on Salt and Health CEPM
Vesna Florijancic Administrative Staff PA to Institute Director Ins
Una Foye Research Staff Research Associate CfP
Mark Freestone Lecturer Senior Lecturer/MSc Coordinator CfP
Lynne George Research Staff Laboratory Manager CEPM
Domenico Giacco Lecturer Honorary Senior Lecturer CfP
Matthew Gillman Research Staff Computational Statistician CCP
Ashan Green Research Staff Senior Data Manager CCP
Nadia Haidar Technical Staff Biospecimen Assistant CCP
Peter Hajek Professor Professor of Clinical Psychology
Kawther Hashem Research Staff PhD Student CEPM
Emma Heighway Administrative Staff Research Administrator CCP
Feng J He Research Staff Senior Research Fellow CEPM
Kristoffer Halvorsrud Research Staff Postdoctoral Research Fellow CfP
Jane Hickman Research Staff Senior Data Manager CCP
Lauren Hickling Research Staff Research Assistant CfP
Tony Hollingworth Research Staff Senior Research Fellow CCP
Georgina Hosang Research Staff Senior Lecturer CfP
Wayne Huttly Research Staff Antenatal Screening Manager CEPM
Damian Johnson Technical Staff Biospecimen Manager CCP
Katharine Jenner Research Staff Head of Campaigns CEPM
Hannah Jones Lecturer Lecturer in Forensic Mental Health CfP
Mohamed Joomun Research Staff Database Programmer CEPM
Roseann Kealy Research Staff Clinical Trial Project Manager CCP
Michelle Kleeman Technical Staff Scientific Officer CCP
Jill Knox Research Staff Clinical Project Manager CCP
Ania Korszun Professor Professor of Psychiatry and Education CfP
Justyna Kucharska Lecturer Lecturer in Mental Health CfP
Landon Kuester Research Postdoctoral Research Fellow CfP
Jean-Pierre Laake Research Staff Epidemiologist CCP
Rebecca Landy Research Staff Statistician CCP
King Wai Lau Research Staff Senior Bioinformatician CCP
Malcolm Law Professor Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine CEPM
Anita Lim Research Staff Senior Epidemiologist CCP
Attila Lorincz Professor Professor of Molecular Epidemiology CCP
Yuan Ma Research Staff PhD Student CEPM
Catherine Marshall Lecturer Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry CfP
Peter MacCallum Research Staff Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Haematologist CEPM
Graham MacGregor Professor Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine CEPM
Nirmala Markandu Research Staff Senior Research Fellow CEPM
Roberta Maroni Research Staff Statistician CCP
Cheryl Mason Administrative Staff Institute Manager Ins
Nathalie Massat Research Staff Senior Statistician CCP
Christopher Mathews Research Staff Senior Data Manager CCP
Rose McGranahan Research Staff Research Associate NEON CfP
Hayden McRobbie Professor Professor in Public Health Interventions CEPM
Johannes Michiel Luteijn Research Staff Post Doctoral Research Assistant CEPM
Joan Morris Professor Professor of Medical Statistics CEPM
Elisavet Moschopoulou Research Staff PhD Student CfP
Katie Myers Smith Research Staff Research Fellow CEPM
Judith Offman Research Staff Epidemiologist CCP
Adedayo Oke Research Staff Senior Trials Recruitment Coordinator CCP
Robert Old Professor Professor CEPM
Richard Ostler Research Staff Head of Database Management & Programming CCP
Andrea Palinski Lecturer Lecturer / Tutor CfP
Michael Parkes Technical Staff E-Learning Technologist CfP
Francesca Pesola Research Staff Statistician CCP
Anna Phillips Research Staff Research Health Psychologist CEPM
Sonia Pombo Research Staff Campaign Coordinator (Nutritionist) CEPM
Stefan Priebe Professor Professor of Social Community & Psychiatry CfP
Polly Rawlinson Administrative Staff Senior Administrator CCP
Caroline Reuter Technical Staff Laboratory Manager CCP
Frank Rohricht Other Consultant Psychiatrist CfP
Navdip Sahota Research Staff Lead Clinical Research Associate CCP
Renata Samulnik Administrative Staff Centre Manager CfP
Peter Sasieni Professor Professor of Biostatistics and Cancer Epidemiology CCP
Dorota Scibior-Bentkowska Technical Staff Scientific Officer CCP
Ivana Sestak Lecturer Lecturer in Medical Statistics CCP
Shama Riaz Sheikh Research Staff Statistician CCP
Michelle Sleeth Research Staff Clinical Project Manager CCP
Sam Smith Research Staff Postdoctoral Fellow CCP
Stephen Stansfeld Professor Professor of Psychiatry CfP
Chrysi Stefanidou Lecturer Teaching Fellow CfP
Alberto Stella Research Staff Database Programmer CCP
Ellie Stewart Administrative Staff Centre Manager CCP
Veena Supramaniam Research Staff Research Studies Manager CCP
Jaim Sutton Research Staff PhD student CCP
Mangesh Thorat Research Staff Research Fellow CCP
Steph Tucker Research Staff Assistant Nutritionist CEPM
Naomi Turnbull Administrative Staff Administrator CCP
Maria Turri Lecturer MSc Lecturer Creative Arts and Mental Health CfP
Karyne Villeneuve Administrative Staff PA CEPM
Daniel Vulkan Research Staff Statistician CCP
David Wald Professor Professor of Cardiology/Consultant Cardiologist CEPM
Nicholas Wald Professor Professor of Environmental and Preventive Medicine CEPM
Chao Wang Research Staff Statistician CCP
Emma Wang Research Staff PhD Student CCP
Ashley Wilson Administration Staff Biospecimen Assistant CCP
T Wu Research Staff Computer Manager CEPM
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